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Uses of Celebrex

Celebrex is indicated for:
The medication is used to treat joint pain, tenderness, swelling and stiffness in such conditions as:

rheumatoid arthritis;
ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis in which there is a long-term inflammation that primarily affects, but is not limited to, the spine.
Celebrex is also helpful for relieving short-term pain, in cases such as:

menstrual cramps (period pain);
following surgery;
dental pain.
Celebrex comprises the active substance Celecoxib, which belongs to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), in particular, to a sub-group known as (COX-2) inhibitors. Celecoxib acts by reducing the release of prostaglandins, produced by the body in excessive amounts, which causes conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. By decreasing the production of prostaglandins, Celecoxib relieves pain and inflammation.

Although the medicine alleviates the symptoms of pain and inflammation, it cannot cure your condition.

How to take Celebrex

The medicine is available in capsules that should be swallowed whole with a drink of water. The capsules can be taken at any time of the day, with or without food. However, it is recommended to take each dose of the Celebrex at the same time each day.

If you want to achieve the optimum result, you should not stop taking Celebrex capsules abruptly.